Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 13th - 20th

Ok, here we go...playing a little catch up :)

Day 72: Date Night
We try to make it a point to spend some quality time together, not only by ourselves, but with our friends...we also like to spend quality time with the girls. This evening, we spend the night with our great friends and Paul's coaching partner! Sadly, when we got home, they stopped over for drinks, Big wee one woke up crying, I checked on her and fell asleep next to her...nice hostess right?! Thankfully, our friends are understanding! It was a nice night out though :)
Day 73: Clothes...lots of 'em
My friend invited me to go to a "buying" show in Baltimore with her. I fell asleep semi-early the night before (see above) and was prepared for the time change (spring forward!). We had a nice day laughing, checking out the newest fall fashions for 2010 and eating tapas at a delicious restaurant on the way home!

Day 74: Chili Dinner
I love this committee. We work so well together prepping for the chili cook-off, held during IceFest. We have a blast and we love to get together when we can to chit chat and catch up on life. The chair for our committee and a wonderful person invited us over to her house for a home cooked delicious and the table was set so beautifully! I have great friends :)
Day 75: Hello Warmth!
It's about damn time...
Day 76: Park & Pictures
We headed to a great park we have in the area to take my brother's pictures. He did awesome and the girls loved playing on the train and train tracks. The weather is so perfect...maybe I should talk to Paul about moving some place that stays this temp. all year round :)
Day 77: Tired...
We can't take beautiful pictures all of the time. Paul is packing for his golf trip with his friends and I am literally laying on my bed just holding the camera up. I realized I had forgotten to take my picture of the day, so....say, "Cheese Paul!" hehe! He's not going to like this picture at all.
Day 78: Chambersburg
I was approached by our downtown partnership to do a photo session for some upcoming billboards that will be on display around Chambersburg, to help promote the downtown...thanks to my girlfriends for stepping up and my brother and the awesome guys from the coffee shop and my daughter. They all did great and we got some great pics out of the session! Anything for my downtown!
Day 79: She's 3!
We met at the park for her 3 year pictures, and she happens to be Little wee one's favorite friend! When she's sad, I'll say, "Why are you sad?" and she'll say, "I miss my friend little a." In the most pathetic pucker face ever. Don't they look so sweet?!
Awwww....feels good to be caught up :)

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  1. Good job on the catch up, T! Can't wait to see more of the downtown pics! :)