Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing Catch Up (again)

March 21st - 25th
Day 80: Happy Birthday

The girls and I spent the morning shopping and the afternoon playing with friends and celebrating a special 3rd birthday :)

Day 81: BOO

Some evenings are spent looking at each other from over the screen or magazine. That's how it goes when you are building your business :)

Day 82: Matchy Matchy

She may not play the "right" way to play memory, but she does love to find all the matches! She's building some much needed brain skills there folks :)

Day 83: Lost & Found

After being missed for a little over a month my engagement ring showed it's pretty face in the bottom of the washing machine...now if I could only find his best friend, wedding ring!

Day 84: Awards
My Dad and Tuscarora Mt. Winery, was awarded a revitilization award for his efforts in turning the old store into the fab wine shop it is today :) We are all so proud of him and he was beaming this morning! Way to go Dad!

More to come...

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